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Publication of chapter newsletters ended with the January 2020 issue.
However, all newsletters published by the Billings Chapter of TCF since January 2005 have been archived.  Press the "Open Archive" button below to select an archived newsletter in Adobe PDF format.
Many of our members place dedications in the monthly newsletters.  The search option below, can be used to find newsletters that have dedications for specific individuals.  Names often vary from one paper to another.  Sometimes a full name is used—other times, a nickname or initials.  When someone's name is shown differently on the same page, the alternate(s) will be shown in parentheses.

The search is NOT case sensitive, and you don't have to enter a whole name.  Try entering just a last name, or other partial name to see what you find.

Name (or partial name)
In some cases, the name from a matching memorial brick is shown along with the name in the newspaper.