Photo Albums

This is an experimental project where photos collected a few years ago for a video project have been recovered and converted to simple picture albums.  The video project was never completed due to computer problems, and the realization that there was no way to fit all the videos on an acceptable number of DVDs.

In this list are all the names for which there was at least one picture.  Those with links show the names rearranged with last name last.

Because this is a labor-intensive project, each individual album is created as time permits.

Bowen, Patrick David Heather Hogan
Boyd, Aaron Jessee Johnson, David Victor
Brown, Randall L Johnson, Michael Shane
Burns, Katherine Frances Brianna S. Koepp
Burton, Julie Kramer, Patrick Roy
Corbin, Geoffrey Todd Langel, Timothy Joseph
Corcoran, Janiece Duke Mattfield, Darren Michael
Cordes, Ashlynn Jean Meyer, John Vincent
Dionne, Nicole Nobel, Jim
Dobbs, Sarah Moore O'Neill, David (Slade)
Door, Jarvis James Mark Priest
Dorn, Michael Rodriguez, Jared
Drinkwalter, Seth Nolen Kymmy Schweigert
Fanyak, Greg Smith, Leonardo
Fulton, Aaron Sparboe, Payton Lynn
John P. Greni Stewart, Dru Larson
Grisham, William Jr Tafolla, Tony Thomas
Tony W. Haacke Three Irons, Clarence
Hansen, Laura Ann Voelker, Sandra (Sandy) Lynne Mattheis
Hill, Keenan Terell Walks Last, Jonathan Chance

All albums copyright © by the Billings, Montana Chapter of The Compassionate Friends