These royalty free photographs come from various sources like the USDA, and a photographer in Sweden. Click on a thumbnail
image to see the full-sized image. If you want to save it, right-click on the larger image and then use the "Save Image As"
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Banded Peacock
Banded Peacock 640x480
On the Beach
On the Beach 459x367
Blue 400x293
Buckeye 460x345
Butterfly 1
Butterfly 1 459x368
Butterfly 2
Butterfly 2 459x368
Butterfly 3
Butterfly 3 459x368
Butterfly 4
Butterfly 4 303x40
Butterfly 5
Butterfly 5 270x405
Giant Swallowtail
Giant Swallowtail 460x345
Karner Blue
Karner Blue 459x367
Langes Metalmark
Langes Metalmark 460x368
Monarch 459x367
Monarch Blue Sky
Monarch Blue Sky 459x367
Rare 800x600
Monarch Closeup
Monarch Closeup 459x367
Monarch On Flower
Monarch On Flower 459x367
On Pink Thistle
On Pink Thistle 459x367
Painted Lady
Painted Lady 459x367
Parnassian On Column
Parnassian On Column 459x367
Tiger Swallowtail
Tiger Swallowtail 459x367
Viceroy 460x345
Zebra 1
Zebra 1 460x345
Zebra 2
Zebra 2 460x345