Recent Changes

Menu Bar:  New format and appears only on main pages.  Browser's back button is used to return from subordinate pages.  Example:  Photo albums linked from the Activities page appear in the same tab.  Search results appear in a separate tab so that the search option page remains while viewing the results.

Home Page:  Added a Today button that opens a page that displays a graphic "thought for the day" followed by automatic searches for birthday and anniversary records for that day.

Calendar:  New format to look more like a real calendar.  This change also makes it much easier for the webmaster to make editorial changes.  Clicking on the first or last letter of the month name will display the Birthday or Anniversary data for that month.  Although the data are taken from the monthly newsletters, the lines are re-sorted into alphabetical name of the loved one in the left column.

Newsletter:  New search option to locate and open newsletters that contain the name of a child of interest.  This is an alternative to using the Archive to open a newsletter.

Brick Walkway:  Added a link to the brick walkway maps on the Search page 

Contact Us:  Moved the Phone Friends from a separate page to this page.  Edited the names to match the latest newsletter.  Removed some of the E-Mail links because those addresses would not accept mail.  Considering removing all E-Mail links since no one has ever used them.

Links:  Editorial changes to the Support Groups in our Community page.  Waiting to hear if details on that page are still accurate.

Reading Room:  Reformatted the Poetry page and editorial changes to the other linked pages.

Search Options:  Re-programmed all 3 search engines to compensate for a technical problem at the web hosting company. 

Every Page:  Each and every web page was examined and edited for internal coding changes.  That work simply brings older code up to current industry standards, and has no effect on anyone but the webmaster.